Ordered structures with functional units has been adopted as a paradigm of materials design. The advancement of microstructured materials has granted the materials community unprecedented capability to synthesize or construct new materials/structures that exhibit properties not usually found in nature, therefore enabling new phenomena, techniques and applications.    

This NJU-Wiley Joint Conference aims to provide a platform to scientists from the fields of microstructured materials for reporting new findings, exchanging new ideas, and inspiring new concepts and designs. 

Known as the Capital of Six Dynasties, Nanjing is a historical and cultural city of 8 million people and is conveniently linked by high-speed train to both Shanghai (one hour) and Beijing (3.5 hours). The weather in late November in Nanjing is expected to be pleasant, and we hope that you will find some time for sampling the local cuisines (mild and delicate) and sightseeing.    


  • Artificial Functional Materials and Engineering   

  • Optical Metamaterials and Advanced Applications   

  • Advanced Healthcare Science and Engineering   

  • Energy Conversion and Storage   

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